All the feels: how to begin to understand your customers’ emotional and physical needs


What is it?
The biggest unknown: what do our customers actually need. Come to a very practical workshop with games, role-play, thinking exercises and discussion.
We will try to answer these questions: Can we ever really know what our customers need and feel? What is the closest we can get? Is empathy appropriate/necessary for business?
The workshop uses principles and expertise from different sectors.

Who is it for?
Whatever sector you are in, find out how you can engage closer with those you need to.

• We find out how the arts create experiences for their audiences to deepen engagement and understanding.
• We see how the corporate sector uses profiling, modeling and data to look at customer behaviours.
• We understand how community projects and charities listen to their service users, so they can then use those stories to bring change in the world.

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