Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

Paul was a market researcher for 25 years, running his own Brighton-based research consultancy since 2005. He founded Refugee Support Europe in April last year, with a Calais refugee camp colleague. In 12 months, Refugee Support had raised around £250,000, expanded to four refugee camps, and hosted about 400 volunteers from around the world. They focus on delivering food and clothing in dignified shop environments but also created a kitchen, a language school, pen friend scheme, playground and cafeteria. Also, when no other agency was able to respond, they provided services.

How Paul embraces the unknown
Working in a crisis means that everything is always changing so we really have no choice. The most important thing has been to realise that by following our guiding principle of dignity, volunteers and donors will come along to do what is needed, when it is needed.


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