Sketches of Pain: Bucking the Received Wisdom in the Music Festival Market


Just how did a lawyer end up in creating a new UK jazz music festival? Ciro spent many years as legal adviser at Universal Music, but decided he wanted to work for himself and launched Neapolitan in 2002.

Love Supreme, which happens each July at Glynde Place, is now one of Europe’s leading jazz music festivals. It came from an ongoing desire by Ciro to have a “big idea” – something cultural yet commercial that hadn’t been done before in the UK. He will talk about raising finance, finding a site, bringing in a media partner, as well as developing branding, content and positioning in a busy market. Ciro will reflect on the challenges of the early years through to breakthrough, and the new challenges as his business moves to the next stage.

Ciro will be interviewed by Steve Bustin.