Ciro Romano

Ciro Romano

Ciro Romano is the owner of Neapolitan Music and the founder and festival director of Love Supreme Jazz Festival which launched in July 2013 in Glynde, East Sussex. Huffington Post declared it “the best new festival in the UK” and the Guardian “the Glastonbury of Jazz”. The event is now the largest outdoor jazz festival in the UK with over 30,000 festival goers across the weekend and is routinely referenced as one of the top music festivals in the country.

Neapolitan Music also co-owns the Nocturne Festival, the 4-day summer concert series at Blenheim Palace. It’s recorded music includes the Oscar and Grammy award winning soundtrack album for the film Slumdog Millionaire and the best-selling soundtrack for the No. 1 film Sunshine on Leith.

Ciro was born and brought up in Glasgow. He studied law in Glasgow and Florence and qualified as a lawyer specialising in corporate and commercial law.

He has worked for The European Commission in Brussels, Clifford Chance and was Vice President of Legal and Business affairs at Universal Music before leaving to set up Neapolitan in 2002.

How Ciro embraces the unknown
“Embracing the unknown was at the heart of the conception of Love Supreme Festival. Jazz was one of the most niche music genres in the UK: predominantly London-centric and urban; performed in indoor concert halls or clubs with comparatively small audiences and with limited media interest. The received industry wisdom was that there would be little demand for, and limited interest in a greenfield, camping jazz festival; we were told that the narrative of jazz in the UK would not sustain it. So we changed the narrative.”

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