Slowing down to the speed of thought


What is it?
Come and explore why your habits of thinking (or mindsets) can help you embrace the unknown with ease, or turn it into a difficult and stressful experience.
In this exercise-based workshop, you’ll explore how mindsets shape your experience of the many different challenges that show up in the workplace. We’ll help you see for yourself, in a fun way, the role ‘thought’ plays in how you and those around you resolve these. We’ll also point to how new thinking arises when your thoughts are not travelling at their usual fast pace.

Who is it for?
Anyone wanting to understand why they experience business or life-related challenges the way they do, or people who are curious about facing change and the unknown more resourcefully.

• A way of understanding why you experience different challenges the way to do.
• Some insights on how good a listener and explorer of the unknown you are.
• A glimpse into the reasons why your colleagues behave the way they do.
• The link between wellbeing and performance…especially in times of uncertainty.