Roger Martin and Paul O’Connell

Roger Martin and Paul O’Connell

Roger earned his spurs on the front line of leadership, team and organisational development for over 20 years now. He has helped leaders in construction, media, financial services, telecommunications, the NHS, and UK Government Departments across that time.

Frustrated as to why change initiatives rarely worked as well as people expected them to and intrigued by the way people habitually saw them as an unwelcome disruption, he got interested more in the way the mind work and how it creates experience. He now helps people in the business community realise this for themselves. He enjoys seeing them take their thinking less seriously, lighten up a bit and perform much better as a result!

How Roger embraces the unknown:
“If I’m honest the unknown still worries me at times. But nowhere near as much as it once did. I’ve learnt I can’t control what happens, but I can influence the way I respond much more than I thought I could. I take comfort from knowing that, which automatically helps me face the future with a degree of confidence I didn’t used to have when I spent a lot of time imagining how difficult it could be!”

Paul’s first 25 years in the world of work were spent in the Tech sector in large companies and then 4 start-ups. For the last 12 years he’s explored what makes people, teams and importantly, himself tick. He now believes he understands why some teams and organisations deliver successfully irrespective of the challenges they face and why others struggle despite their motivation and opportunity. His days are now spent helping leaders and teams explore what works for them and what doesn’t. His greatest joy is seeing the smile of people having their own new thinking that helps them embrace new opportunities and transform whatever challenge they face.

How Paul embraces the unknown.
“I welcome it on the vast majority of days, and now see many of my old habits of thinking as innocently getting in the way of new possibilities. Everything is full of unknowns but for the stories we tell ourselves. Seeing what’s behind our experience and stories opens up a greater ease and joy with life which opens up further opportunities. On the days I don’t welcome it, I now quickly see through the ‘mental fog’ and a smile returns”


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